message development

Jargon and corporate filler are for those with nothing to say. We help our clients craft key messaging that penetrates and persuades.

Specialist writing

We have helped our clients write thousands of opinion pieces and speeches that shifted public debate. Whether it is a media release, newsletter, annual report, lobbying brief, or social media post, we can expertly write what you need.

Media liaison

Collectively we have an impeccable contact list and broad knowledge of the media landscape. As former reporters we understand what makes newsrooms tick and how to grab, or lose, the attention of the media.

Crisis communication and issues management

We are experts in planning for and responding to crisis. We are skilled at identifying and defusing issues that threaten to boil over. We are the unflappable, experienced presence you want in your corner when crisis strikes.

Media training

Our bespoke media training demystifies the modern media landscape and prepares you for effective engagement. We tailor our courses to help novices find their voice and experts master their delivery.

Project and campaign management

We have extensive experience overseeing multi-stage campaigns and projects. We can manage projects every step of the way – identifying issues, developing policy, structuring research, securing potential coalition members, overseeing the creation of campaign collateral, liaising with stakeholders, and executing.